Gay Russell has decades of experience working with schools and behavior challenges, parents and students. Her goal is to help you and your child maintain or reclaim a relationship of respect, appreciation, and enjoyment. She is a certified PLAY ATTENTION provider. Check out her student’s success story under the families icon at

Gay specializes in family counseling, ADD, ADHD and emotional disorders for patients in Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding areas. With over 30 years experience in social work, Gay Russell has helped individuals of all ages with a wide range of disorders.

Certified and insured, Gay has over 10 years experience in private practice, providing counseling for individuals with emotional behaviors such as eating disorders, alcohol abuse, autism, and more. She also has experience as a juvenile parole officer and counselor. She is committed to helping people empower themselves so that they can live a productive, full lifestyle.
Gay started her work with children and families as a Youth Counselor for the State of Ohio. She soon began to notice the correlation between behavior and what we fueled our bodies with such as alcohol, drugs, and food. After obtaining her Certification in Drug and Alcohol Counseling she spent 10 years in that field before further pursuing her interest in the impact of nutrition on our feelings, behavior, and success in school, work and play.

After relocating to Illinois, she received her Masters in Social Work from Jane Addams School of Social Work with School Social Work Certification. As a Special Education Social Worker in District 204 (Naperville/Aurora) her concentration was working with families, staff, and students challenged with Autism, Special Needs, ADHD, Emotional and Behavioral needs.


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Tajwar Raziuddin’s certifications in domestic violence and mental health are assets to FWCS. Along with being fluent in English, Urdu, and Hindi, she mentors her clients and families striving to improve daily functioning and quality of life.

Tajwar has been in the counseling profession for almost twenty years. She loves her role as a “passionate mentor” to accompany clients in their personal journey to find peace and comfort in their lives. She has extensive experience working with clients, and their families who struggle with multiple mental health challenges and substance abuse issues. Tajwar has been certified to work with victims of domestic violence and has six years of direct work experience with people who have endured pain and lost hope.

Her treatment style is to help clients understand the roots of their problems and to guide them towards the best possible outcomes in order to experience improvement in their every day functioning and quality of life.

Tajwar incorporates insight-oriented, solution focused and cognitive behavioral techniques into the counseling process. She works well with clients who are struggling with depression, anxiety, stages of life adjustment, parenting/family issues, grief and loss, stress management, and mood disorders.

Tajwar has a clear understanding of cultural diversity and its impact on mental stability. She is confident that her affiliation with Feeling Whole Counseling Services will be an excellent opportunity to expand not only her own horizons but also those of her clients.


Taylor Knapik is committed to working with clients to help them find a balance in their lives that feels good for them and work toward their goals. Her compassion, patience and lack of judgment creates a safe space for her clients to explore new ways to solve problems and feel whole.

Taylor specializes in working with children, adolescents and young adults.  Taylor received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a Masters in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago. She worked as a school social worker for four years and was in education for a total of seven years before joining Feeling Whole Counseling. 

As a school social worker, Taylor has experience delivering interventions and providing counseling services to individuals, groups and families dealing with stress, self-esteem issues, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, autism, and other mental health issues.  She has specialized training in solution-focused brief treatment, and utilizes solution-focused and cognitive behavioral strategies to help clients take ownership of new ways to cope with difficult situations.

Taylor has also worked with individuals and families new to the United States in her role as an English as a Second Language teaching assistant. She also has experience providing services for social skill development and for children of alcoholics. She is looking forward to guiding clients through the Play Attention program.



Rachel Isom has a strong passion for advocating for children and families in need. She specializes in counseling for children and adolescence with emotional disorders, ADD, ADHD, and Autism. Rachel earned a Masters in Social Work and Child and Family Law at Loyola University and is licensed as a social worker in the state of Illinois. 

Rachel is committed to empowering individuals by helping them set goals and be successful at reaching those goals. Rachel started her work with children and families as a Counselor for Lutheran Child and Family Services. After working their many years, she noticed the importance of being a voice for those in need. While working fulltime, Rachel pursued a double Masters degree in Social Work and Child and Family Law. After obtaining her Masters, she spent years in the Social Work field before finding her place at Feeling Whole Counseling Services. Rachel continues to learn and educate herself on ways to help those in need. Her passion and interests lie in advocating, setting goals, nutrition, and how it affects the way we feel, act, and in Play Attention therapy. With such diverse background and experience, Rachel helps advocate for individuals of all ages.