Feeling Whole Counseling Services is dedicated to inspiring feelings and actions in children and adults that enable them to feel more “whole.” Wholeness or wellness is a unique, individual feeling and involves assessing multiple areas of our lives: personal, family, community, spiritual, employment, school, financial and health. The busiest parts of our lives often leave us with many “holes” in our “wholeness.” Sometimes those holes are clear and visible, and other times they are hidden. Either way, they always have an impact on our feelings of completeness.

Defenses are created in life to help us cope with stress; they initially served a purpose – to protect us from pain. However, over time, those same defenses can cause more problems than they solve. Some defenses may lead to addiction, obsession, depression, anger, anxiety and guilt. We may struggle to acknowledge these destructive coping strategies, or resist when our loved ones point them out. Frustration and pain is a signal to make a change.

Because you are searching this website, you may be ready to reach past the frustration and heal the pain hidden under the defenses. Honor your quest for wholeness. Let us partner with you. Feeling Whole Counseling Services is committed to supporting you in finding the 'stretch within' to reach for your dreams.