MP900399786Feeling Whole Counseling Services is dedicated to supporting families, students, parents and schools in the achievement of the best academic experience.

Education is the base from which we reach for all of our goals and dreams in life. Our mission is to provide you and your student with the additional strategies and skills to achieve their best success in school; whether it is conquering anxiety and anger, concentration and focus challenges, relationship or friendship frustrations, self confidence or career guidance, or even becoming a better student or parent.

Let FWCS guide your student through the journey of achieving the life you and your child aspire to! 

From a child's teacher: “He has shown great improvement in his interaction with others in my classroom. He has grown to appreciate and have faith in himself, which has allowed others to do so as well. You have made a great impact on him and he is better for it.”

Feeling Whole Counseling's counselors have a great deal of experience working with schools and educators. In fact, Gay Russell worked as a school social worker herself. We understand that meetings at the school about your child's progress can be stressful and daunting. That's why we offer, if your child is a client here, to serve as a liaison between you and the school, and as an advocate for your child.

If desired, we can accompany you to Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings at your child's school. We will explain the steps that your child is taking and the services he or she is receiving through our office in an effort to improve their school performance. We will also provide documentation of those services if needed. We will keep in touch with the school and the teacher so they are fully informed of your child's progress.

Some schools assume that a counselor at the meeting will be an interference. However, we see it as our job to make the communications better between all parties, and to rally everyone around the needs of your child.