mp900448737If your child or teenager is struggling in school, Feeling Whole Counseling Services can help.

Through talk therapy combined with the targeted use of Play Attention™ computer brain exercises, Gay Russell and her associates have helped many children and teens discover what success feels like – and how to get there on their own.

Gay Russell, a certified Play Attention counselor, has spent years working with students, many of who were challenged to keep up with their peers due to ADD, ADHD or Autism. She knows how to navigate the terrain of a discouraged child – to get past the acting out, defenses and shame – to get to the heart of what’s troubling them. When she discovered the Play Attention software program, she knew she had found the perfect tool to help frustrated kids learn how to learn!



Fueling our Children for Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health with Gay Russell, LCSW


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revisediStock 000013642441SmallPlay Attention is a high-tech, clinically proven, brain exercise tool. Developed by a master educator for families and professionals, Play Attention improves attention, memory, finishing tasks, and behavior. And it can make a difference in only a few short weeks. Brain exercise or cognitive exercise is like physical exercise: the more you practice, the stronger you get. Play Attention has been used in many thousands of homes, schools, learning centers, doctors’ offices, psychologists’ offices, universities, and traumatic brain injury hospitals since 1994.



shot03The subject simply plays a computer game while the program monitors his or her attention levels through a simple armband. Through increasingly challenging play, the subject learns to monitor his or her own attention level, and refocus when needed. Play Attention’s training program will enhance your child’s brain health and performance using clinically validated tools designed by neuroscientists.

The benefits include:

•    Paying attention at will
•    Decreasing inappropriate behavior
•    Finishing tasks/homework on time
•    Filtering out distractions
•    Better memory to take multiple-step instruction
•    Remembering where things were left

To learn more about the benefits of Play Attention, visit their website. You can also read a case study under Success Stories.



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