Feeling Whole Counseling Services

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    Devoted to solving emotional problems and improving family relationships

    We look at multiple contributors to life's stress to help you reach for what you want

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    Helping children, teens, adults and families

    Specializing in natural interventions for ADD, ADHD, autism, Asperger’s, depression and anxiety


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    Trouble in school?

    Feeling Whole Counseling Services offers a full complement of tools to help your child succeed

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    Seeking help for your family? You're in the right place

    Let Feeling Whole Counseling Services help you find peace of mind

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    Play Attention™ Certified Provider

    A drug-free, proven intervention for improving school performance and self-esteem



fwcslogoWholeness is a unique, individual feeling and involves assessing multiple areas of our lives: personal, family, community, spiritual, employment, school, financial and health.

The busiest parts of our lives often leave us with many "holes" in our "wholeness." Sometimes those holes are clear and visible, and other times they are hidden. Either way, they always have an impact on our feelings of completeness.

Feeling Whole Counseling Services is dedicated to inspiring feelings and actions in children and adults that enable them to feel more "whole."



Affordable, confidential in-office counseling for children, teenagers and adults.

Help for students dealing with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism and Asperger's Syndrome and school anxiety, as well as other issues, to improve their emotional well-being and their school work through targeted counseling and coaching. We will also accompany you and your child to school conferences when needed, to be sure communication is positive and helpful.

Play Attention™, an innovative, non-medical computerized concentration and behavioral program that enables struggling students to discover their true capabilities to succeed in school and life.

Nutritional and natural interventions, including Juice Plus, to help clients feel their best.


Is your child struggling in school? Feeling Whole Counseling Services can help.  As a certified Play Attention center, Feeling Whole counselors have spent years working with students challenged to keep up with their peers due to ADD, ADHD or autism. They know how to navigate the terrain of a discouraged child – to get past the acting out, defenses and shame – and get to the heart of what’s troubling them.

Through talk therapy combined with the targeted use of Play Attention™ computer brain exercises, the counselors at Feeling Whole Counseling Services have helped many children discover what success feels like – and how to get there on their own. Learn more...